How do you build a Fantasy World?

You try to create a believable fiction world but it seems impossible. There is so much to consider and all you want to do is write a novel, get published and become a famous author.

But, you need to take action today because developing a believable world is the only way to turn your novel into a powerful franchise. It doesn't matter if you write fantasy, romance or thrillers - a believable world is key to success as an author.

  The World Building School is the place where fantasy worlds are conceived, birthed and nurtured to support life.

There are great resources out on the internet that relate to World Building, but there isnt a central place for authors interested in this craft to gather. The World Building School is the key hub required to collate the vast amount of knowledge currently in circulation.

This is a topic that benefits greatly from the input of great minds; great minds like yours because I know you have something to offer to a community of writers and designers, we all do. If you've only been writing for a short time then don't worry this is an opportunity to develop your world and your understanding.

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Thank's for joining the World Building School, I look forward to seeing you inside.

Nathan A Smith

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